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8th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2016!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Schweitzer Mountain Sunrise, tapestry

Schweitzer Mountain Sunrise
Hand woven Tapestry
16.5" H x 45.5" W
May 2015
Patti Kirch
Outcome goals are difficult to accomplish because they tend to have factors that are not solely in one's control.  Layne Goldsmith, a University of Washington Professor of Art and Design was the juror and selected 36 tapestries, including the above piece, for the Pacific Time Zone tapestry show.
The show will be in Corvallis, Oregon
August 18th - September 20th, 2016
The artists must live in the Pacific Time Zone, including Mexico and British Columbia.
TAPS, ( Tapestry Artists of Puget Sound) is the sponsor organization.
My personal goal was a stretch but I completed weaving Schweitzer Mountain Sunrise by one of my daughter's May 2015 graduation.
This view was so inspiring, 6:20 Christmas morning, apricot to azure, I had to weave it!

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Altered Page: Purge or Splurge

The Altered Page: Purge or Splurge
Recently I had a major "art emergency"! From my outside hose spigot, water leaked into my art studio and adjacent kitchen causing a lot of damage. Antique and vintage books got wet! Since I hoard art supplies and ephemera, this has force me to clean up, organize (dirty word to me) and purge. After its all over and I have a new "wood" floor, it will be worth it.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tea, Books, Henna, Lotus Flowers and Barracuda

Hey guys!!!

I hope this year is going well and folks are continuing to create art even after January's Art-a-day challenge. This is what I have been working on!

If you live in the Tri-Cities you can go check out my henna and lotus flower inspired tea artwork at Barracuda Coffee in Richland. I am really excited about how the large piece turned out... The work will be up Through March and into early Aprily (dates TBD).

Feel free to watch the video below (or if you want to watch it on YouTube and subscribe to see more of my art click here.)

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Makerspace in Tri-Cities!

The Confluent Space recently had their big grand opening and Red Show Art Exhibition. There were over 30 artists involved in the event and I think it's safe to say that we all had a fantastic time. It is a beautiful thing when hard work pays off and artists come together to make the world and our city a better place.

This video shares some of the ways that the arts community in the Tri-Cities, Washington was able to have fun and share what they do.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tapestry Scroll, Hanafubuki and Tea for Two

Tapestry Scroll of a Hanafubuki event while sharing a cup of tea, delightful weaving in the month of January indeed!

A cherry blossom landing in one's cup of tea is good luck!  
Hana is a cherry blossom and fubuki is a snow blizzard.
Hanafubuki event is a Cherry Blossom Blizzard!

Tapestry Scroll, Hanafubuki and Tea for Two,  5 3/4" x 33"
Bobi, thank you again for this great challenge during our mostly grey sky January, mine was swirling with Cherry Blossoms while sipping aromatic tea.
Patti Kirch

With Gratitude and Appreciation...

Thank You! for your posts, your work, your sharing.  It is such an honor and pleasure to witness each unique process, share the ride and experience your wonderful art.  

Clearly it hasn't been a 'making' or posting month for me. What's typically my quiet time of year has been jam-packed so my appreciation for all of you who have contributed, commented, encouraged and kept this community going is huge.  Huge.  Thank you. 

I'm hoping for more time in the studio and making in February  - and maybe even posting.  The blog doors remain open - feel free stop by and hang out!
joy in all things,



Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pugs progression.

Pugs. Think I'm almost done. 


Compote heart in process

Thus far...

The picture shows the parent materials up top.  And both front and back (inset) so far.   I flatten a piece of the very thin, crinkly base then soldered it to a piece of side trim (also flattened), then cut out the heart shape.

Both of them are very thin so I soldered a piece of the hammered bowl to the back to give it some stability.

It has potential to become a fun, bohemian piece but pretty ho-hum so far (bo-ho-hum?). My only ideas of added wire and rivets are pretty boring too.

This is from yesterday.  I hope to get to the studio yet tonight and have a wild and crazy idea take hold.


Pugs are coming along slowly. Will probably finish today or tomorrow. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

sketching Paris

I attempted to sketch another Paris building - hubby took this photo of the Paris Opera House.  My first dome attempt :)

source photo
There's a lot going on in this photo so I did some editing - also wanted to begin to use shadows and introduce some of the darkest darks.

And then, for something different, I tried a quicker sketch and simpler subject (except for the cars).

source photo
We walked home to our rental apartment many days on this street - the beginning of fall in Paris. Again added color with my Inktense watercolor pencils and a water brush.

Thanks for checking in - Bobi, thanks again for reminding and including me - it's a great way to start the new year!

The cat, adjusted

I am so grateful with the inputs from Chris, Bobi, and my teacher, Yichien, so here is the cat peeking out.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Helping out in a time of need

The music teacher at Scott's school was trying to reformat her student's wonderful art by copying and literally cutting and arranging components on a photocopier to make a poster.  Poor babe was about to pull her hair out trying to align things and find space for words and sponsors.

I'm not a graphic artist but  even rudimentary photoshop skills are 100 times, 1000 times easier than photocopying.

The young artist is rightfully proud.

FYI: new art scam.

(I know this is off topic, but seems like good info to know. )

Dear members (of Montana Watercolor Society),
One of our MTWS members was recently involved in a scam reported to be hitting the Northwest. The folks who emailed her posed as art dealers, wanting to buy or saying they had a buyer for her painting. They sent her a phony cashiers check that was about $1000 too much and told her their mail carrier would pick up the painting. They told her to cash the check and send them the balance. She is working with her bank and has the police involved too. They are supposedly working out of the East coast area. 
The major red flags here were the use of a cashiers check or money order for an amount way over the artist's given price. Also be aware of the buyer using a 3rd party for things like shipping.
As artists we all get excited about someone loving our art and wanting to own it, but we can't let our guard down and fall into this kind of trap. Always keep in mind the warning "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is." The following are good articles to read about what to watch out for:

Jessica Glenn
MTWS Membership Chair
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Day 24 - HOLY SMOKE!

These are the last 2 of 8 in a 'GRAPE SERIES'.  I need 6 to take to Frichette Winery this week and will take 3 Whites and 3 Reds.

"Birds Eye View of Columbia River "

Getting my inventory up for the The American Empress steam boat to return in the spring.
Passengers buy little flat items to squeeze into their suitcases.
Birds Eye View of Columbia River
8x10 watercolor and sharpie
on arches 140#  matted w/ clear sleeve
Gail Roadhouse artist
instructor, #USkTC urban sketcher

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Still feeling awkward as a new bride in the studio

Toyed with this old drawing as a Heart a Day brooch.  Would probably combine copper, silver and brass but it's just not grabbing me enough to push through this awkwardness.
Perhaps down the road a bit.

Repaired the ding in my rolling mill that happened during the move.  Pleased it wasn't any worse.  It's my most expensive piece of equipment.
 This is kind of calling to me.  A sterling compote thrift store find from back when silver was cheap. Imagining a Heart Brooch from a mix of these scraps.

More dinking around.  Two silkworm cocoons cut and tucked together.  This could be fun.  They're super light weight yet darn tough. Ripe with potential.
In my mind I imagine silver inlay but seriously question how to pull that off.
These are charming to hold and cogitate possibilities.

Portrait of Delia, and Hanford Cloudscape by Laura Gable

"Delia" oil painting sketch on 8x10 canvas, ©Laura Gable

"Clouds Above Hanford" 8x6 oil painting on oil paper, ©Laura Gable
Working on the daily paintings allows you to paint all manner of things. My artist friend Delia popped by the studio yesterday, so she sat for a quick portrait sketch. The light from the window shifted quickly, so we wrapped it up after about 1.5 hours, but it was fun to capture the nuances of color on the beautiful high cheekboned planes of her face. She did a lot of chatting, as she filled me in on her life, so I'm not quite sure that I got the smile on her lips to move to her eyes. Oh and as John Singer Sargent said, "There's something about that nose that's not quite right." (Or did he say it the mouth??) Yah I do like portraits and will give it another go soon.

The other painting is a small one I did on a piece of Arches Oil Paper, which I mounted to gatorboard.  It's from a photo I took up around the Hanford site near the Ringold entrance... a great spot to go do some storm watching. Working with the paper is interesting. It has a soft vellum texture and holds up to oil paint and washes surprisingly well. According to a few "how to" sites, it's best to put a thinned wash of oil paint down first which seems to keep the heavier strokes of color from absorbing totally into the paper. I've got a few spare pieces sitting about, so let me know if you want to practice on it. ;-)

Happy creating!!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

another sketch attempt

Sketching an elevation view (ala Stephanie Bower) using info from her Craftsy perspective drawing video course (on sale right now). I added color with my inktense pencils & a water brush.

Here's the source photo I took on a neighborhood street

Wish I'd have thought to take a photo before color - it sure helped a lot, especially since I think much of the interest in this photo derives from the red door.  About to attempt 1 point perspective......

Day 21

Finished Moving, started a new one...

Totally missed this one's process but it's done...

Will submit 6 finished paintings (all 20" x 16") to show through the month of February at Frichette Winery on Red Mountain - part of 'Heart Healthy' month!